Product & Wardrobe Stylist


Gwen Stubbs is a wardrobe and product stylist based out of Seattle, Washington. 

Gwen truly loves working with clothing. From a young age she was altering and sewing her own pieces. She has also collected vintage clothing for most of her life. Gwen started working in retail at 16 and has been in the industry ever since.

She attended New York Fashion Academy and graduated with a Master of Fashion Design and Construction in 2006. She immediately started her own fashion line, Lekkerlife Clothing which was in business for almost 10 years.

Her experience and reputation lead her to styling in 2012. She is timely, friendly, energetic and works well individually and as a team. She is able to maintain organization while being flexible with the project at hand. She has styled for product, lifestyle, outdoor and fashion photo shoots and her experience with production, retail and design is an asset to any photo shoot.

Gwen is available for hire and is available to travel.